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In 2016 I joined the research & development team in Zortrax, one of the leading companies designing desktop 3D printers. I quickly became the key engineer developing the revolutionary post-processing device called Apoller.

Later on I became the manager of the Apoller project and the author of 5 utility patent applications for the systems I invented. I'm currently responsible for managing multiple teams of engineers developing industrial FDM and UV LCD 3D printers. While working at Zortrax I became a fan of Agile and a master of Scrum.

Founder of Modivio.

As a side project I founded the startup called Modivio. I used my experience in 3D printing to develop the mass customized small form factor computer case. Parametric CAD model combined with 3D printing the final product allowed us to offer a customized solution adjusted to each customer.

Builidng a successful company from the ground up enabled me to gain not only business development skills but also required me to focus on website developement.

Founder of Impress.

In 2014 I founded the startup called Impress. We were working on a flying pocket camera, which helps people capture moments in a fun and easy way.

As a technical co-founder I designed a revolutionary propulsion system. Small enough to fit in a pocket-size device and safe enough to grab the device in mid-flight, without the risk of injury. Furthermore I integrated that propulsion system into a flying prototype of the device.

I was honored to lead a team of extremely talented and driven people responsible for the development of quadcopter control system.


In my early career the team under my leadership have built 2 best miniature fighting robots in the world, winning almost 25 competitions around the globe. The first one was Enova Minisumo - the winner of the biggest robotics competition in Europe. The second one was Enova 365 Microsumo - the winner of the biggest robotics competition in the world.

Their design pushed the boundries of what was possible and inspired countless robotics engineers to build a new generation of fighting robots.

I'm a project manager with practical experience in leading cross-functional teams using Agile methods. Over the years I've built a track record of shipping high quality products. I have a proven leadership skills gained in development, entrepreneurial and academic settings.

Project management •••••
Business development •••••
Agile ••••
Scrum •••••
Embedded systems ••••
Adobe Photoshop ••••
HTML & CSS •••
Confluence & Jira •••••
Leadership •••••
Creativity •••••
Communication ••••
Problem-solving ••••
Polish •••••
English •••••
April 2019 - Present Project Manager
  • Leading multiple teams which develop FDM and resin 3D printers
  • Prioritizing competing opportunities and managing risks to deliver products within the timeline and budget
  • Coordinating development process using agile methods
  • Driving improvements in embedded systems in released products
May 2018 - April 2019 Project Engineer
  • Led a cross-function team which developed and delivered Zortrax Apoller to market
  • Coordinated development process from prototyping to production
  • Developed inventions which result in authorship of 5 pending patents
  • Became a mentor of all mechanical engineers within the company
Sep 2017 - May 2018 Senior CAD Constructor
  • Created detailed project road maps, plans, schedules and work breakdown structures
  • Played a key role in technical problem solving and decision making
  • Played a role of a scrum master in an agile development team
Aug 2016 - Sep 2017 CAD Constructor
  • Participated in project planning that led to securing over 1 million USD in funding
  • Defined processes and tools which accelerated development process
  • Became the key engineer in a team designing Zortrax Apoller
Sep 2014 - Aug 2016 Design Engineer & Co-founder
  • Gathered and led a team working on the project
  • Designed an overall architecture of a pocket-sized drone
Freelance work
Jun 2016 - Feb 2017 Robotics Specialist
  • Responsible for an overall architecture of an autogyro UAV control system
  • Created assumptions and detailed budget for $1.5M grant application
2014 - 2015 MA, Mechanical engineering
Gdansk University of Technology
2010 - 2014 BA, Control engineering and robotics
Gdansk University of Technology
2015 1st place at RoboGames 2015
Robotics Society of America, San Mateo, CA
2014 1st place at Robot-SM 2014
Chalmers Robotics Society, Goteborg, Sweden
2013 1st place at RobotChallenge 2013
Austrian Society for Innovative Computer Sciences, Vienna, Austria
2012 GE Foundation Scholar Leaders Program
International scholarship awarded in recognition of entrepreneurship, leadership and
academic achievements


In my spare time I'm a photographer specializing in landscape and cityscape photography.

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